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Bald Eagle

<p>Yesterday morning I saw a Pied Billed Grebe on Lake Oglethorpe. It is the first one that I have seen in months. Shortly after a Bald Eagle was seen low to the water rounding a bend out of sight. I paddled out to search for it and heard it calling a weak high pitched two noted call. It was sitting in an oak tree eating a fish and calling in between bites. I was able to watch at close range for a couple of minutes before it flew out and circled over the lake with two Mississippi Kites in hot pursuit. They had been in nearby trees watching. I've seen the kites in the early morning on 3 occasions hawking insects from a snag by the waters edge. This is the fourth sighting of the Eagle since early June by myself and it has been seen on other occasions by neighbors and once by Gary Crider on July fourth. It is in full adult plumage.</p>

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